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While they do not replace our specialized courses, we are proud and happy to offer these free resources to anyone with an interest in medical Spanish. Everything from vocabulary to dialogs to culture to grammar. If you want to learn medical Spanish, you've come to the right place!

Interactive Email Lessons

Learn new vocabulary and useful phrases, all in a medical context. Includes interactive practice using the same method as our courses.

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Medical Spanish Dialogs

Practice actual conversations that you might have with your patients. Organized by chief complaint. Includes audio.

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Medical Vocabulary

Add to the vocabulary that you learn in our courses. Lots of categories. All with audio.

Build your vocabulary »

Anatomical Illustrations

Great for visual learners! Illustrations include anterior view, posterior view, internal organs, skeletal system, male and female reproductive systems.

Learn visually »

Cultural Topics

Your patients don't just speak a different language, they come from a different background. Learn about folk illnesses and treatments, doctor-patient relationships etc.

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Spanish Overview

A little knowledge of grammar can be helpful. We pare Spanish grammar down to the essentials, and present it in a medical context.

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Did you know?

Hospitals and clinicians face a growing challenge as America becomes more multicultural and multilingual. One in six Americans speak a language other than English at home.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (Sep. 26, 2008)

Do you agree?

No American should suffer from medical mistakes, preventable hospitalizations, and substandard medical care just because he or she doesn't speak English.

Glen Flores Medical College of Wisconsin (July 19, 2006)

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