Physical Therapists Free Demo

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  1. Listen & Repeat
  2. Dictation
  3. Speak Like a Native
  4. Total Recall
  5. Review
  6. Quiz

For the demo only, we have included the correct answers below. In the actual course, you must score at least 80% to pass a quiz. You can retake a quiz as many times as you want.

  • I'm the physical therapist. – Soy el fisioterapeuta. (f. la fisioterapeuta)
  • I'd like to ask you some questions. – Quisiera hacerle algunas preguntas.
  • We're going to be doing some exercises. – Vamos a hacer algunos ejercicios.
  • Have you noticed any improvement? – �Ha notado alguna mejora?
  • Stop if it hurts. – Pare si le duele.
  • Not so hard. – No tan duro.
  • Do fifteen repetitions. – Haga quince repeticiones.
  • Keep your knees bent. – Mantenga las rodillas dobladas.

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